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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: S2 - Ep. 3

Dio's Curse

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Sub Indo – Joseph reveals that the object on Kakyoin’s forehead is a “flesh bud” that has a tendril going straight into his brain, making him swear loyalty to Dio simply by charisma. Avdol reveals that he was once approached by Dio in this manner, and only barely escaped unharmed. Determined to save Kakyoin, Jotaro uses the precise nature of his Stand to steadily remove the bud from Kakyoin’s brain. Despite the bud’s attempts to invade Jotaro’s body in self-defense, Jotaro remains calm until the bud is safely extracted, where it is destroyed by Joseph using the Hamon. The next day, as Kakyoin is recovering from his injuries, Jotaro heads for school, but realizes Holly has not tried to give him a kiss goodbye. Avdol finds Holly collapsed in the kitchen and discovers that she herself has been cursed with a Stand resembling rose vines. Furthermore, as Holly does not have the willpower to control it, the Stand is slowly killing her, a fact that Jotaro and Joseph fear to be her fate. Jotaro asks what can be done, and Joseph states that the only way to save Holly is to kill Dio and lift the curse. Joseph and Avdol are unsuccessful in determining Dio’s location, until Jotaro uses his Stand to analyze the photos Joseph has taken, managing to identify a fly in one of the photos and draw it in detail. After doing some research, Avdol determines the fly to be a particular species found only in the Aswan region of Egypt, where they believe Dio to be hiding. Kakyoin, who had previously learned from Avdol that Holly has only fifty days to live, confirms their theory, mentioning how he met Dio while on a family vacation to Egypt, and decides to join the group in their search for Dio because of a fondness he feels for women like Holly. After Joseph calls on the the Speedwagon Foundation to take care of Holly, Avdol uses a deck of Tarot cards to name Jotaro’s Stand, naming it Star Platinum after The Star card. As the group takes off on a flight towards Egypt, Dio, using a Stand power similar to Joseph’s Stand, Hermit Purple, takes a photograph showing him their location. On the plane, Joseph senses Dio’s presence, becoming cautious that there may be a Stand user somewhere on the plane, as an insect flies about.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: S2 – Ep. 3
Apr. 19, 2014