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Servant x Service: S1 - Ep. 12

Wait a Moment, Being Accustomed and Being Unprepared Are Life-Threatening

Servant x Service Sub Indo – Servant x Service – Megumi took three days off to finish all of her costume projects, including the dress Lucy is to wear during her date with Yutaka. Megumi warned Taishi not to text her, call her, or come to her apartment, but he goes to her apartment on the third day to check her out anyway, and as a result he weaseled out of that shopping trip he promised Toko, much to her disdain. He finds the door to her apartment unlocked, and, as he entered, sees her on the floor, flat, but all work completed. He later helped clean her apartment, make food, and become her pillow for the rest of the night. The next day, before her date, Megumi instructs Lucy to watch Yutaka and find out what kind of person he really is, to see if he is a decent guy or not. Lucy was shocked to find out that the dress she is to wear was too short, but Megumi insists it’s okay. But she is so embarrassed with the dress that she even thinks of postponing it. In fact, on the day of her date with Yutaka, Lucy did arrive around twenty minutes late. During the date Lucy did observe that he paid attention to her, even being protective of her. She even got freaked out by Yutaka’s in-date behavior that she ran like mad and tripped. As Yutaka tended to the scratch on her knee, she confronted Lucy about her problem that is her long, ridiculous name. He also asked her as to how she thinks of him. Lucy, nervous, is unable to give an answer, until Yutaka got a call about his sister Kaoru’s marriage meeting, and he was requested to come, ending the date early; but Lucy says they can do it again some time. Megumi is lurking in the shadows ready to intervene if something goes wrong, while trying to tell Toko, who is with her, about her relationship with her brother. There she finds out that Toko doesn’t mind if her brother has a girlfriend. The next day Yutaka does his work without slacking off, though with some mistakes. Taishi, Saya, and Megumi notices this and finds it worrisome, and, asking him, they find out the (shocking) reason: that the one who approved Lucy’s name was his own father.

Sep. 20, 2013